poor [ pur ] adjective ***
▸ 1 lacking money
▸ 2 of low quality
▸ 3 not good enough
▸ 4 not skillful
▸ 5 lacking something important
▸ 6 less than expected
▸ 7 feeling sorry for someone
1. ) having little money and few possessions:
a poor family/area/country
We were very poor and could barely afford the necessities of life.
a ) the poor people who have little money and few possessions:
the gap between the rich and the poor
2. ) of low quality: BAD:
The rebels' defenses were poor and they were quickly overcome.
poor light/soil
poor health/eyesight/hearing
a ) used for saying that something is not as good as it should be:
poor working/housing/sanitary conditions
3. ) not good enough:
a poor economic record
Her poor attempts at humor only made the situation worse.
4. ) FORMAL not skillful:
I was always put with the poorest students in the class.
─ opposite GOOD
5. ) not having enough of something important:
a country poor in natural resources
6. ) less than expected or needed:
a poor crop of tomatoes
Wages around here are very poor.
Attendance at our meetings this year has been relatively poor.
7. ) MAINLY SPOKEN used for showing that you feel sorry for someone:
poor (little) boy/child/girl/kid/mite/soul etc.: The poor child had lost both his parents.
poor old: Poor old Anthony was left to look after the baby.
a poor loser
someone who gets angry when they lose
a poor man's
1. ) used about something that is a less expensive type of a similar but more impressive thing:
This car is advertised as the poor man's Rolls Royce.
2. ) used about someone who is less successful, popular, etc. when compared with another person:
He's a kind of poor man's James Bond.
a poor second
a long way behind the winner in a race, competition etc.:
My horse came in a poor second.
poor relation
a person, organization, or country that is considered to be less successful or important than another:
Our department has always been treated as a poor relation within the company as a whole.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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